What is The Dissatis Faction?

Welcome readers. This is an exciting time for us; we’re christening The Dissatis Faction with its very first post. What better way to start than to tell you a little bit about ourselves?

The Dissatis Faction is run by a few twenty-something years olds from South London who aren’t content with a 9-5 and an eternal cycle of evenings sat in front of the T.V. That’s exactly why we’re Dissatisfied.

This site is built for artists, cultural critics, and wanderers of the web. We aim to display an immersive  curation of art, film, books, and music, complemented by our very own pieces of fiction and news stories. We want to create a place for the discussion of ideas, art, and opinions from around the globe, and we rely on the support of our readers to achieve this.

So please, browse through what we have to offer, and most importantly, feel welcome to voice your opinions. 

4 thoughts on “What is The Dissatis Faction?

  1. What a great idea! And isn’t it funny how you have an idea being born in your head and find someone is already doing so… 😉 I had something similar in mind but might put it aside altogether and just go ahead and support you guys 😀 Keep it up!!! And thanks a million for your follow ❤ ❤ ❤

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